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Providing roofing and roof repair for Lexington and Richland Counties including Sumter, Hopkins, Eastover, Columbia, Lexington, Gadsden, and many more.

Roof Repair Columbia SC

Another quality new roof on a Columbia SC house!


Thanks for stopping by Alexander Roofing! We’ve been in the South Carolina roofing industry since 1984 and in business ourselves since 1994. Alexander Roofing provides the following services:

Whole roof replacement.

Our skilled team is able to replace a roof in 1-3 days. We’ve been roofing Columbia SC, roofing West Columbia SC, and roofing Sumter SC for close to 20 years, and we pride ourselves on our honest ethics and quality work.

Columbia SC Roof Repair

Whether it’s the roof, eaves, or overhangs, our experts will find the source of the damage and fix everything right – the first time.

Why Should I Consider a New Roof?

If your roof shows signs of wear, looks old, or has damage – you could be severely impacting your family’s health and well-being. Old roofs or damaged roofs can lead to bacteria and mold growth, exposing you and your family to infections and allergens that build up in your damaged attic.

Alexander Roofing is best-equipped to identify problems on your roof and inform you  whether minor repairs need to be performed, or wear and tear to need a roof replacement instead.

A new roof can be a wise investment if you decide to move. GAF Materials (who we use ourselves for new roofs and roof repair) reports that up to 40 percent of curb appeal is attributed to your roof. While it might seem to be trivial, the look of your roof can attract buyers to your home, making it more attractive and increasing the value of your home.

It makes sense to use Alexander Roofing!

So What Should You Consider When Hiring a Roofer?

Just like every homeowner, you’ve asked yourself the same questions when it comes to hiring a contractor to work on your roof:

  • Can this contractor be trusted? Is he reputable?
  • Does he have references and verifiable customer testimonials?
  • Will he do what he promises?
  • Will he finish the job on time?
  • Will I incur unexpected charges or fees?
  • Does he do exceptional work?
  • Is he licensed, bonded and insured?
  • Is my roofing project to big or too small?

How does Alexander Roofing stack up against these questions?  Our customers can answer that! Click to see our references.

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